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Fiscal Holiday for 2020 Has Started on 01.07.2020

International Tax Bulletin: 2020/32

Fiscal Holiday for 2020 Has Started on 01.07.2020

The Fiscal Holiday for 2020, which provides various facilities to taxpayers and professional accountants with the provision of Law No. 5604 published in the Official Gazette dated 28.03.2007, will be implemented between 01.07.2020 and 20.07.2020.

This bulletin has been prepared in order to remind the facilities regarding the tax and social security legislation provided to those concerned with the fiscal holiday implementation.

  1. Durations Related to Taxes Extended by Fiscal Holiday

The following dates, whose last days coincide with the fiscal holiday (between 01.07.2020 and 20.07.2020), are considered to be extended seven days from the date following the last day of this holiday (until the end of 27.07.2020):

  • Declaration deadlines: The deadlines for submitting declarations, which must be submitted within the statutory deadline.
  • Payment periods in replenishment, officially or by the administration: The period of payment of taxes, duties and charges and tax penalties and delay interest, due to the fiscal holiday due to the repayment made by the replenishment, officially or by the administration.
  • Time periods related to reconciliation and penalty reduction: Periods regarding applications to be requested for reconciliation against tax charges and / or fines imposed or to benefit from penalty reduction provisions.
  • Periods of providing continuous information: Periods of providing information that must be provided within the scope of the provisions of continuous information.

In addition, in taxes based on the declaration and whose filing period is extended due to the fiscal holiday, the payment period is deemed to be extended until the end of the working hours following the last day of the extended filing period (28.07.2020). In addition, the legal and administrative periods covered within the five days following the end of the fiscal holiday (between 20.07.2020 and 25.07.2020), is considered to be extended until the end of working hours as of the date of the fifth day following the end of the fiscal holiday (since the last day of the financial holiday (25.07.2020) coincided with the official holiday, 27.05.2020).

Accordingly, new deadlines for FY2020 are summarized in the table below:

Declaration Deadlines

New Declaration Deadline

Payment Deadline







  1. Durations Related to Taxes Not Extended by Fiscal Holiday

Fiscal holiday will not be applied in relation to special consumption tax, bank and insurance transactions tax, special communication tax, game of chance tax and taxes, duties and fees charged by customs administrations, special provincial administrations and municipalities.

  1. Tax Inspection During Fiscal Holiday

Except for search investigations made upon the decision of the court or the demands of the Public Prosecutor's Office or according to the provisions of the Tax Procedure Law, the presentation of books and documents for the purpose of review during the financial holiday will not be requested and the inspection of the taxpayer will not be started.

The inspections started before the fiscal holiday period can be continued on the books and documents submitted before this time. However, additional books, documents and information cannot be requested from the taxpayer during the fiscal holiday period and the taxpayers cannot be invited to sign the tax inspection minutes.

In the event that the taxpayer submits a notification made by the tax inspectors prior to the fiscal holiday period requesting the books and documents from the taxpayer, and the last day of the deadline related to this request coincides with the fiscal holiday, the period will be considered to be extended until the end of 27.07.2020.

  1. Specific Situations on The Periods Which Are Not Processed by The Fiscal Holiday and The Periods of Lawsuits

Due to the financial holiday, the following periods will not work:

  • Accounting recording duration,
  • Reporting duration,
  • The duration of filing a lawsuit in cases to be filed against replenishment, ex officio or administrative charges.

In addition, with the judicial holiday practice, the regional administrative, administrative and tax courts are interrupted to work every year between July 20 and August 31, and the periods coinciding with this holiday are considered to be extended by 7 days from the day following the break. Therefore, if the last day of the prolonged trial period due to the financial holiday coincides with the judicial holiday, the time of filing will be extended by seven days (until the end of 07.09.2020) from the day following the end of this holiday.

  1. Durations Related to Social Security Legislation Extended by Fiscal Holiday

Apart from work accident and occupational disease notifications related to social security legislation applications; notification, declaration and payment periods are also delayed during the fiscal holiday. Accordingly, following declarations are extended until the end of working hours of 27.07.2020:

  • Workplace Declaration,
  • Statement of Employment,
  • Statement of Termination of employment
  • Monthly Premium and Service Document

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